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The Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor - MP3

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The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor With Tito La Rosa, Mary Youngblood, and Shkeme Garcia.

In the beginning the Eagle and the Condor shared the sky, and the power of the wind propelled their wings. They lived together in harmony like the sun and the moon. The strength of these two birds unified the people of North and South America. They were all one nation. But strange outside forces made the birds enemies and separated them. Each one marked their own territory in the sky. The first nation that once lived in peace and celebration became distrustful and divided into many different nations. They no longer spoke with the spirits of nature or listened to the music of the earth. The voice of the prophecy says the Eagle and the Condor will one day fly together again, healing the wounds with the tears that both sacred birds cried. Reunited in song and ritual the people will share their dances and the harvest of their fruits. Once again they will converse with the mountains and play the music of mother earth in an infinite concert to life and nature.

"Seven years ago this recording was dreamed in Chaclacayo, the mystical hills outside of Lima, Peru. It was then I heard the marvelous sounds of Native American flute for the first time. During those years people spoke of the prophecy in various countries of the south. Now I hear the voice of the prophecy speaking through the sounds and the music. Everything has flowed with such ease that I can see clearly the invisible net that unites us with a perfect synchronicity as if by an act of magic. Like the eagle and the condor we are connecting the nations of the north and the south with our best weapons, El Munay, the power of love. We unite our sounds and rhythms, our songs and dances, seeking harmonies that help us restore the brotherhood and sisterhood between us, creating music that gives love back to mother earth and all her inhabitants." -Tito La Rosa

Track 1 - All One Nation - 4:36
Track 2 - El Munay (The Power Of Love) - 4:15
Track 3 - The Dance Of The Puma And The Wolf - 3:10
Track 4 - The Cry Of The World - 3:29
Track 5 - The Invocation - 3:27
Track 6 - The Eagle And The Condor - 4:54
Track 7 - Wind Spirit - 3:56
Track 8 - Water Spirit - 3:08
Track 9 - Fire Spirit - 4:24
Track 10 - Earth Spirit - 3:19
Track 11 - Celebration - 4:39
Track 12 - Morning Star - 2:23

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