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Our musical project was born four years ago in the precints of the Antropological Museum of Lima, Peru. In there we had our first contact with the original instruments of the Pre-inca times (2,000 years ago). We felt that it was Mother Earth singing throug the ceramic instruments, air sounding through the feathers, water, fire and earth crying inside the whistling pottery. Later on, we knitted together all these sonorous universes to ancestral myths legends and rituals. This was how Ritual was born. Rituals made music that can rise us, clean our spirits, heal our souls so that we never forget who we were, who we are.. Tito La Rosa and Tavo Castillo.

Track 1 - Soils And Colors - 7:41
Track 2 - Stone In Love - 4:31
Track 3 - Amazon Legend - 3:56
Track 4 - Mama Rayhuana - 6:00
Track 5 - The Calling - 5:08
Track 6 - Antaras Nazca - 4:28
Track 7 - The Lady F Huallamarca 5:12
Track 8 - "La Herranza" - 4:17
Track 9 - Day-Dreams - 4:08
Track 10 - Sacred Time - 8:32
Track 11 - Haylli - 3:00

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