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Serpiente Alada Memoria - Banda Sonora de la Pelicula Estado de Miedo - MP3 This cd is the score of the music to the documentary Estado de Miedo, State of Fear, by Pamela Yates.. Product #: Memor_mp3 Regular price: $12.00 $12.00 In Stock

Memoria - Banda Sonora de la Pelicula Estado de Miedo - MP3

Product Code: Memor_mp3
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Price: $12.00

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Tito La Rosa and Tavo Castillo.

This cd is the score of the music to the documentary Estado de Miedo, State of Fear, by Pamela Yates and Paco de Onis. The film about the years of the Shining Path takes place in Peru, yet serves as a cautionary tale for a world engaged in a “global war on terror”. It dramatizes the human and societal costs a democracy faces when it embarks on a “war” against terror, a “war” potentially without end, all too easily exploited by unscrupulous leaders seeking personal political gain.I t is also the story of courageous Peruvians who fought to maintain their democracy and defend human rights, and persevered in their quest for truth and justice.

Director Pamela Yates asked Tito La Rosa to score the film because of the healing quality of his music. She believed that his music would allow people, especially the people of Peru who had lived and were affected by the incredible upheavel and violence of theses times to view the film without being thrown emotionally back into those times in a harmful way.

Track 1 - Soundtrack Song 1 - 2:03
Track 2 - Soundtrack Song 2- 3:13
Track 3 - Soundtrack Song 3 - 2:36
Track 4 - Soundtrack Song 4 - 1:30
Track 5 - Soundtrack Song 5 - 2:36
Track 6 - Soundtrack Song 6 - 0:59
Track 7 - Soundtrack Song 7 - 3:14
Track 8 - Soundtrack Song 8 - 1:26
Track 9 - Soundtrack Song 9 - 4:09
Track 10 - Soundtrack Song 10 - 2:33
Track 11 - Soundtrack Song 11 - 1:39
Track 12 - Soundtrack Song 12 - 2:14
Track 13 - Soundtrack Song 13 - 2:26
Track 14 - Soundtrack Song 14 - 1:21
Track 15 - Soundtrack Song 15 - 2:25
Track 16 - Soundtrack Song 16 - 3:12
Track 17 - Soundtrack Song 17 - 2:46
Track 18 - Soundtrack Song 18 - 2:58
Track 19 - Soundtrack Song 19 - 4:26
Track 20 - Soundtrack Song 20 - 5:34
Track 21 - Soundtrack Song 21 - 5:01

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