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Kintu - Ofrenda - MP3

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Our ancestors taught us how to live in balance and harmony within ourselves and with the Great Universe that surrounds us. KINTU is a musical journey into the three dimensiones of the Great Andean Universe:

The Uccu Pacha is the world within, the sacred place where we find our essence, our roots. This world is inhabited by the serpent of wisdom.

The Kai Pacha is the world of the hear and now in our daily lives. It is the present moment and of our five senses.. This world is where we meat ourselves and connect to the spirit and the energy of the Puma.

The Hanan Pacha is the world above. This is the realm of spirit, our connection to the divine and the the world of the cosmos and the world of flight. It is here that we connect to the spirit of the condor.

These three worlds are represented in the Andean cosmovision by three leaves of the sacred coca plant, united by their stems, they are called The KINTU.

Track 1 - Viaje A Los Origenes - 6:39
Track 2 - Espiritu De La Serpiente - 4:39
Track 3 - Danza De La Pachamama - 4:37
Track 4 - Tiempo De Paz - 6:31
Track 5 - Celebracion De La Vida - 3:38
Track 6 - Canto Al Amor - 5:38
Track 7 - Sueno Del Puma - 4:14
Track 8 - Espiritu Del Condor - 8:02
Track 9 - El Llamado De Los Ancestros - 4:53
Track 10 - Cancion Sin Titulo - 3:46

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