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ICARO Shamanic Songs Tito La Rosa , Amelia Panduro, Jose Campos, Milke Sinuiri

The magical songs called "icaros" in the Amazon region of Peru, are prayers or invocations sung by master herbalists and medicine men during ceremonies with sacred plants. That music puts in movement great powers, which can reveal "the masks that are beneath the face" as the poet Cesar Calvo said. ICARO gathers together the master healer Amelia Panduro, from the Shipibo nation, knower of the secrets of the plants and the songs that heal, her son Milke Sinviri, Jose Campos, healer and medicine man From the Ucayali region, and Tito La Rosa, the musician and master of ancestral instruments that produce healing.

Tradition tells us that icaros are songs that the plants themselves transmit to healers, only after they become physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to recieve them. Icaros are songs of teaching, healing, invocation, and protection. There are icaros that soothe the spirit, and allow us to see not only what is there and not seen, but also what is felt, and what others feel. These songs let us see the past, and what is yet to come. In this recording, the melodies of the icaros are accompanied by bone flutes, wood and feather-quill panpipes, conch shells, whistling vessels, and rattles, sacred instruments of ancient Peru.

Track 1 - The Voice Of Tohe - 5:53
Track 2 - Ayahuasca, The Mother - 6:42
Track 3 - Spirit Of The Forest - 4:55
Track 4 - Dance With Perfumes - 6:01
Track 5 - A Song To Be Born With - 4:52
Track 6 - Kametza And Narowe - 3:45
Track 7 - Invocation - 3:24
Track 8 - Maestro Tobacco - 4:09
Track 9 - Love Song - 5:20
Track 10 - Song Of The Wind - 4:25
Track 11 - Cosmic Serpent - 4:04
Track 12 - Song Of Integration - 5:15

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