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Ayni With Tito La Rosa with special guest René Jenkins.

Ayni is a Quechua word meaning reciprocity. Ayni is a spiritual law as well as a law of nature. It is at the heart of the principle that underlies the establishment of trust and mutual connection. Simply put this principle can be stated...that as so I give, I will be provided for. This is the sacred trust of being. It is key to health and healing. When we operate in the field of Ayni, we touch a frequency that allows for the possibility of deep connection and nourishment, as well as the possibility for synchronicity and miracles. This CD is a musical journey into Ayni and is meant to help in raising ones spirits into a field where healing of body, mind and spirit can be assisted.

This night in October 2003, at the Presidio chapel in San Francisco, two sound healers, both accomplished musicians, one a national treasure of Peru, the other from North America, along with an expectant audience of aficionados, came to create and partake of the magic of an improvisational sound healing ceremony. These ecstatic frequencies are weavings of sound from the spirit of two cultures informed by the forces of nature and performed for the most part on Peruvian ancestrial musical instruments that have been used for thousands of years in the service of healing. They call the audience to awaken to a deeper sense of being and aliveness, they speak to the heart of opening, spirits soaring, they whisper an invitation to deeper connection. These sounds are the gifts from the spirit of Ayni to you.

Track 1 - Calling The Spirits - 1:48
Track 2 - Despertando Las Pach - 7:09
Track 3 - Going Within, Center - 6:52
Track 4 - Oracion Del Amor - 6:44
Track 5 - Dance Of The Earth - 6:58
Track 6 - Winds Of The Upper World - 4:15
Track 7 - The World Of Becoming - 7:55
Track 8 - The Illuminated Heart - 7:13
Track 9 - Resting In Gratitude - 7:14
Track 10 - Strength Of The Eagle - 2:59
Track 11 - Celebration - 7:24

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