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Ayawaska Viaje de Curation (Healing Journey) With Tito La Rosa, Milke Sinuiri, and Cucha Del aguila as well as Tavo Castillo, Pauchi Sasaki, and Pepe Chiriboga.

Ayawaska, one of Tito La Rosa's most current releases is a beautiful compilation of songs that accompany a spoken (in Spanish) legend which is interspersed throughout the CD about how the people's of the jungle learn through physical, mental and spiritual preparation to know who they have been so that they can know who they are. Accompanied by the hypnotic invocations of Milkie Sinuiri, this CD opens with all the sounds that one would expect from deep within the jungle, in ceremony. The sounds of the natural world come alive along with the ancient sounds of Tito La Rosa's flute artistry. The story of Ayawaska is one of how the jungle came to be born, and of how it started to make sounds, the sounds of plants, animals, stones, and even the sound of jungle silence. It tells of the life of the plants and animals of the jungle, and of medicine journeys and how they served the people who partook of them.

"We get what we deserve to know, or what we deserve to ignore. Everything is well deserved. When one knows how to call on Ayawaska, whatever seems impossible becomes simple because even ashes turn to water when they are kissed by a thirsty person." - "Hay lo que merecemos conocer, lo que merecemos ignorar. Todo es merecimiento. Cuando se sabe llamar al Ayawaska es facil todo imposible porque hasta la ceniza se vuelve agua cuando un sediento la best."

The lore of the Runa Mula, the centaur woman, is also conveyed in this story, a testament to the rich ways in which native people's of the jungles give meaning to the world around them. Listen to this CD and go on a Healing Journey, Viaje de Curacion.wn and respected musical treasures of Peru and have played together for over a decade. There music is deeply moves the spirit and awakens worlds within.

Track 1 - Espiritu de la Selva - 5:34
Track 2 - Danza Con Chullachaquis - 3:49
Track 3 - Canto Para Nacer - 6:08
Track 4 - El Pajaro Blanco - 4:54
Track 5 - Danza Con Perfumes - 7:55
Track 6 - El Aguila y El Condor - 6:06
Track 7 - La Runamula - 4:12
Track 8 - A Los Apus - 7:13
Track 9 - Kametza y Narowe - 3:47
Track 10 - Maestro Tabaco - 4:24
Track 11 - Ayawuaska - 3:12
Track 12 - Lucero de La Manana - 3:21

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